Welcome to Seeding the Year 2024!

You've found your way to a Time technology made with love from the Cosmos! Come learn how I co-create new timelines into being with the support of the planets.
Seeding the Year is a framework for those who sincerely desire to set goals from a visionary space, but feel bored and depleted by New Year's resolutions.
Resolution Culture does not love you.
Resolutions are planted in shame - that's why they don't want to thrive with beauty and pleasure. What you've been calling self-sabotage is actually a part of you that wants you to stop treating yourself so unkindly.
Seeding the Year is a radical reframing of concepts such as intention, manifestation, potential, abundance, and success.
Because it's not just a goal. It's a new timeline.
Seeding the Year includes over 4 hours pre-recorded teaching modules with journaling prompts, experiential meditations, and Britten's wild teachings for Honoring 2023.
Each hour of this material is worth the price of admission! The Honoring module is not to be missed.
Then on January 5 we meet for a live 4-hour workshop for Seeding 2024.
BONUS: The Unshaming the Signs: Capricorn workshop is included in the Seeding the Year curriculum. Unshaming Capricorn is absolutely essential to reprogramming from the shaming of Resolution Culture and rewiring your relationship to Time.

PROCRASTINATOR'S BONUS: Now included is a special unshaming procrastination live meet up with guest host Matt Bull. The early birds can't have all the fun.

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