Welcome to Unshaming the Signs: Gemini!

This workshop is a transmission space not a classroom. I don't know what will unfold for you as each individual will receive it via their own unique imprint. What I can promise is that it will be alchemical - you will transmute some aspect of your shame into love, and you will have the replay to give the magic to yourself as often as you desire.

On the other side of registration, you will cross the portal into our space where you can access the link to join live and the replay materials.

You will see many options to join. For Gemini only, I'm offering this workshop for FREE to encourage curiosity, accessibility, and experimentation. This is the only Unshaming the Signs that will have this option.

I've also offered choices for tipping if that feels good to you, but tips are totally optional and not expected.

All choices include access to the live workshop as well as the replay (and support materials).

Choose a Pricing Option